Picking up a 2011 thursday.

Picking up a new 2011 thursday. I'm going to remove the inner baffle, cut grey wire, remove the snorkle, and cut down the throttle stop. Also going to remove the AIS. I live in michigan roughly 1000' above sea level and 65-80 avg temp. Can someone suggest a jetting setup to get me close? Is there an adjustable needle other than the jd kit I can buy to save some dough? Sorry for being lazy and not searching I'm still living in the stone age so I can only surf from my phone which takes forever!

48,165, no.

I'm lazy too.

GYTR jet kit includes needle. 45/165 jets. 2.5 turns on fuel screw. Get a 2007 YZ450F full exhaust from ebay or craigslist. 2006-9 works too. Make sure to get full system if 07-09.

Also grease everything within a year or two... Factory grease job is minimal. Also after a year or so change fork oil.

My GYTR kit came with a 175 main and 50 pilot. Was running rough down low so I swapped to 48 and I'm still rich. Going down to 145 this week. With the 50 I'm about 1/2 turn out on fuel screw and it's not terrible so I'm thinking 48 will be just right. The main seems really rich but runs really strong on top so I'm going to leave it for now. I ride enduro's and hare scrambles and rarely am I out of 3rd gear, and lugging most of the time anyway.

I rode it for about an hour and then raced last sunday at a hare scramble here in Michigan. I'm slow, "C" class and took 6th out of 12 so I was happy. I was definately faster than on my YZ and less tired. Before the race I did the GYTR AIS kit and all free mods, swapped over my handguards, heavier spring for the rear (5.8) (Waiting for the fork springs to arrive), engine ice and 1.8 radiator cap, G2 throttle tamer tube, works connection radiator guards and rekluse exp 2.0. Being a slow guy the bike worked great for me, probably a little soft on the valving still, but nothing I'm going to mess with this year.

The bike worked great and the course was really tight. "C" guys were running 30 minute 6.5 mile laps which tells you how tight it was! My bike felt pretty hot at times but I never lost any coolant. I'm going to throw a trail tech temp gauge on just to keep an eye on it. Average mph was 12 for the whole race, I wasn't getting a lot of air through the radiators but it seemed to work fine. I might run a 3" computer fan but I'm not sure if it will fit between the tank and radiator?

in michigan you should be fine for temp.. I run stock cooling system with regular green coolant.. slow tight singletrack has not been a problem yet.

I'd go 45 pilot running that slower 12 mph avg. I'm in the process of dropping from 48 to 45.

Get the stock YZ450 needle from Rocky Mt atv.


Shorai battery- (you are going to freak out when you feel how light it is)

Suspension revalved

Ready to shred

Congrats on the new WR Bud,

I strongly suggest not to cut the throttle stop. Mine was stuck WFO afterwards and then I read it happend to many others. it's better to buy the AIS removal kit, it comes with a new throttle stop and all the other parts/pieces you'll need for that too. I installed the kit, but made it a dummy. All my hoses are plugged and ect... to make it look as if it's bone stock accept for the Cork. unless you pull the hoses off and look inside, you'll never know they're plugged. You just never know what a BLM or LEO will do these days. I try to play it safe so I won't get my property impounded or just a mear her-ass-ment-a lot to me. JMHO...

X2 on what Dube2 said. My son did that exactly on his 2008. Turned that bike into a beast. I don't race him anymore, tired of getting the sand blast in my face when he blows by me.

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