06 Yz 450

Hey guys update on my 06 well it's defiantly turned into a project well pretty much I have a brand new top end from the head and valves to the cylinder and cams and cam chain. Well I started on the bottom end and this my problem my clutch is in bad shape basket has groves from the clutch plates the inner hub has groves from the springs so I need a whole new clutch, then come to find out the main crank bearings are going bad and the oil drain plug on the left side case by the rotor is stripped my question is should I trust this 08 bottom end on eBay for 600 bucks without the clutch or should I since the whole top end is new just redo the whole thing with all new parts I bought the bike with a seized motor for 1200 any and all help is greatly appreciated I'm somewhat decent mechanicaly just having a hard time to decide what to do thanks guys

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