Trailtech Vapour freaking out when horn is pressed!

Noticed that when i press my horn the rev counter shoots up!Its been on the bike for a year and important not sure it its always done this or not. Bike is a wr450 '03. Also recently my horn has started sounding really weak even though its only a couple of months old, could this be related? Lastly my led on my ignition button doesn't always come on either, it used to be fine. I thought a flat battery might be at fault but the charger gives it a green light?

Bad earth or battery replacement.

I'd be looking for a bad ground.

Ok, pulled the tank, seat and headlight today to get at the wiring, can't find anything that looks either broken or any bare wires etc. Not entirely sure what im looking for but spent 2hrs looking at wires and plugs.

Can't see anything wrong so was wondering if my battery might be shot? My ignition LED no longer comes on, my horn no longer works unless the engine is running and even when it is running its sound is very weak and broken (horn is nearly brand new). At low revs its weak and at high revs its slightly better but also make the vapors rev counter go up! Its like the horn is trying to draw power from somewhere but can't find any so is drawing it straight from the HT lead, maybe causing my rev counter to go up?

Is it worth trying a new battery? I bought the bike 2yrs ago and have never changed the battery, but i also never use the e start as its been broke since i got it.

Help please!!!! :-)

Get a multimeter and see what kind of voltage you have with the bike off and with it running as a place to start.

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Got a meter but no idea how to use it? Im a mechanical engineer so not stupid, just know naff all about electrics.

Grab your meter and turn the selector to the range you need (probably say 20VDC or something along those lines) Then stick the red probe on the + side of the battery and the black probe on the - side of the battery. The screen will show you a number somewhere around 12 with the bike off and around 14 running. If it is neither of those numbers, you have a problem.

Low number with the bike off is probably a dodgy battery. Number not changing with the bike running means not charging.

I can take pics if it helps :)

You cannot properly test the charging system with a dead or bad battery. Charge it first. After you charge it, let it sit an hour, it should have about 12.8 Volts. Put it in the bikke, turn on the bike but do not start it. You should still have 12.8 volts. If it dropped below 12.6, the battery is bad and you need a new one.

Once you have a good, charged battery, start the bike. at idle, you should have over 12.8 Volts. withy the engine reving, you should have over 14.5 volts. If not, you have a problem,. Time to test the stator and bike wires.

Thanks, hiad it on the setting V-20 and it read 10v with engine off, also tried on the setting 12v and got a reading of 2v with engine off. Will upload a pic of my meter in second to make sure im on the right setting.

Ok some good info there thanks, here's a pic of my meter so if you can explain what settings to use for what checks I'll have a go and see what i find.


You would want it on the setting at about the 1:30 position under the blue button. Put the dial pointing at the 20. The solid and dashed lines signify direct current versus the next section down with the wavy line is alternating current

If the battery shows 10 volts, it is probably done and needs replaced.

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I moved the dial 3 clicks clockwise from the off position, that's where i was seeing 10 volts, New battery time?

Yup, start with getting a new battery.

Awesome, thanks for your help. Do i have it on the same setting while the bikes running to see if its being charged ok?

Yes, same setting.

Perfect, thanks very much :-)

My goodness, what's happened to the engineering curriculum in the U.K.? Do they do no pre-admission testing at all?

It sounds like you need a manual, You can find links to free down loadable ones in the "pinned" section

of this forum , they are great it even tells you what to set your multi meter to and very specific tests

along with full wiring diagrams .

Thanks a bunch guys, new battery in today solved all the electrical gremlins! Its pulling 14.8v while running so guessing its charging OK to then?

It is charging fine.

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