Disconnecting head and tail light on WR 450 09 model

Can I disconnect the head and tail light on the bike ? What happens if the globe blows on the light?

Reason for the disconnection , never use the lights and maybe the extra power will be good to swing the e start?

Power for the headlight is totally separate to the battery so you will get no more power to the e-start

The headlight runs off its own section of the alternator, soley didicated to it, which isn't rectified to DC ie it runs off AC voltage

Tail is LED and so uses very very little

I looked at removing the headlight, after mine was smashed

Yamaha UK said don't run it without a bulb or a shunt resistor, as it is very hard on the stator

The YFZ quads had a problem when the headlights were removed for racing (its bascially the same engine as the WR) in that the battery would discharge and the quad wouldn't run even though the stator was OK. A shunt resistor was then offered as an aftermarket accessory to fit, to take the current/power generated by the stator for the headlight, and disapte it as heat

This mod, was then incorparted into subsequent years

you can do a mod called floating the ground, which converts the stator so that all the power goes to the battery via the reg/rec, and then you can diconnect the headlight with a switch

This mod requires a different reg/rec to be fitted, as the std WR stator cannot cope with this setup

Search for 'floating the ground' and you should get some good info

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