WR450 ADR wiring. Bad connection?

Hey guys

I have just brought my 2nd ever bike, WR450, and have decidied to get it going for the road. It has come with all the indicators, horn, switches, headlights etc.. The power on/off switch and the electric start/kill switch both work fine but I cant seem to get any of the accesories connected to the ADR loom to work. All plugs and pins have been put in their respective places but none of them seem to work. Since there is no response from anything on the loom I am guessing that it its having trouble at the main 3 pin connector that the whole set plugs into. I have tried it with the bike both stopped and running and still nothing. I have also just brought a $20 multi meter that I can use to check things out but I actually have no idea how to use it. If any of you guys have any info/tips on how to troubleshoot this please let me know. Its a AUS/NZ bike if that helps any one




You will need to isolate power from your loom. To do this, using your mutlimeter you need to connect the black wire into the ground side of the meter and the red wire to the voltage side of the meter. You now need to check the meter on your battery so you know the meter works. Black to earth and red to positive on the battery. Set it to DC voltage an now it should read 6 or 12 volts what ever the battery is. Now that you know the meter works you need to unplug the three pin plug put the black wire on the on a bolt or good earth on the frame and put the red wire into the three pin plug and check all three wires until you get the same reading. You may have to do this with the engine running and also turning on and off the light switches or indicators. I would suspect that one of those three wires should be power.

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What part of NZ are you in??

Thanks man. Ill give it a go when I get back from uni today. Im in Christchurch.

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