New sproket and chain Help

I need a new chain and figured I also get a new sproket. I am looking for a blue sproket. I came across an all aluminum supersprox sproket are they any good any recommendations???? I also need a chain I am looking for a gold chain. Also when dropping teeth on the rear sproket will it affect the way the bike acts besides the added torque I mostly trail ride should I just keep it stock? Thanks for any help

Dropping teeth at the rear sprocket will not add torque, it adds top speed at the expense of low speed torque, same as shifting from 3rd to 4th does. Dropping teeth on the front does the opposite.

I am a confirmed believer in Regina ORN6 chains. Yes, they're gold, but more importantly, they last for a ridiculous amount of time when you take care of them right (don't power wash the chain, keep it lubed with a non-tacky lube on the outside. ) It's a sealed chain (O-rings). Before you replace the chain, check your front sprocket. Be sure to replace it if it shows any wear.

No info on "Supersprox", but I have my doubts. I prefer Tag Metals hard anodized rears.

Supersprox are ok, the one with aluminum center and steel outer ring. If u can spend the money, ironman sprockets are worth the investment. I have approx 50 hrs on one that still looks new. Have 1yr warranty also and kit comes with Regina chain.

The dirty little secret is that the best way to make any sprocket last a lot longer is to keep the chain from "stretching". Chain stretch is not actual plastic stretching where the plates are pulled out to a longer length like so much taffy. What it is is the wear that occurs at each pin and bushing, all added up over the length of the chain. In order for a sprocket to be strong and wear well, a roller chain has to fit the sprocket correctly. In the case of a #520 chain, that means the chain would ideally always have a .625" (5/8") pitch, the distance from one pin to another. That way, the pull of the chain is borne equally by every tooth in contact with the chain. If the chain wears significantly, only the first roller in contact with the sprocket at the top actually bears on the sprocket tooth because the chain is now longer than the .625" distance to the next tooth.

What this means is that the chain is really almost everything if you want longer service from your sprockets, whatever they are made from. Treated right, a Regina ORN6 just doesn't wear much at all. I run them for about 18 months of desert racing, and usually only change them because they start to stiffen up or because too much has worn off the top and bottom edges of the plates from all the sand on the chain sliders and rollers. That Ironman includes a Regina with their 1 year warranty kit says something.

I may try one next, just purchased renthal chain a month ago because of good deal but if its like the last one, ill be in the market for one of those chains. Thanks for insight!

I took a trip to my local Yamaha dealer and picked up a new front sprocket with 1 tooth dropped I was told that it would give me more torque. I am going to keep my rear stock also picked up a new chain. Is anyone running this set up how's it feel?

Ive ran one Supersprox rear... and only one for a reason! It lasted a whole 2 weeks. The teeth were rounded after about 5 rides.

I also use the Regina ORN6 and love it. I use the Primary Drive sprokets from RMC with good results.

Help please!

I have a ktm 200 2011 running 14/48 sprockets what affect would putting a 13 front sprocket have as I am looking for more torque and a bit more grunt coming outa the corners.


I purchased a Renthal O ring chain becasue it was a good deal at the time I never will buy a POS Renthal it keeped on streching for many rides it stopped streching now but the damage has alrady been done like Gray said it the distance between the pins I just waiting for th sprockets teeth to start bending over before I change the set up out.

I am going back to for me a tryed and true chain DID X ring wih 9500 Lbs tensile strength.

As for sproket teeth I ride mostly open high speed fire roads I tryed a 48 tooth read sprocket I found the topend gain was not worth it I lost to much bottem end I running a 13 front and a 50 rear.

I may try one next, just purchased renthal chain a month ago because of good deal but if its like the last one, ill be in the market for one of those chains. Thanks for insight!

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