Local Riding Spots in Bay Area CA??

Hey All,

I know some of you are from CA and several from the Bay Area. I have hit the basic areas so far...Carnegie, Hollister, Foresthill (excellent but 3 hours away)

I'm looking for a new spot within say 2 hours max...do any of you have any favorites? Secret spots? Or just an ohv park that I have not been to...oh yeah I've also tried that park in San Jose (very small)

Please let me know if you have any info....

Ride On!!



Rip the knobbies clean off !!

Underhanded way to draw interest...post reply to your own message...

Now about those riding areas? Any advice??

Help...I've ridden nearly every inch of Carnegie...




Rip the knobbies clean off !!

You're right next to ClubMoto and R-Speed if you want to get some track time in.

If not, the web has a host of sites that detail areas to ride.


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