WR400 Throttle Stop Question. Sorry I have to ask :(

A friend of mine just bought a 1998 WR400. The throttle stop has been removed and I told him I would cut it for him and place it back in the carb. What should the TOTAL lenght be? On my WR426 it was 23mm for total lenght but this one seems alot shorter. Thanks in advance.....


Total length from top of the bolt to the bottom.. 23MM.. Or .950 Inch. If its less, then the Throttle is moving past the top of the bore in the carb, and creating turbulence that takes a bit of of your max HP rather than improving it. If its less. get a new one. :)

ride hard..be safe.

[This message has been edited by Jemtec (edited 04-20-2001).]

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