How many hours to wear paint off 08+ clutch covers?

I just bought a used 09 and my clutch cover still had about 80% of the paint on it. I see bikes on craigslist all the time advertised as low hours but the clutch cover paint will be completely gone. So approx. how many hours of riding does it take to wear the black paint completely off? Yes I know it will vary considering boots, riding conditions, etc.

I say it pretty much depends on your riding style. I wore a certain amount off within my first five rides and no more has been removed. My bike has a ton of hours racing and riding on it.

The clutch cover starts looking like crap after about 1-2 hours of riding on every bike I've had. It doesn't take that much to wear off the paint.

Not a good indicator. Depending on the boots and your riding style you can have alot of wear on virtually no wear. I wear Sidi Crossfires and the toebox is really narrow and does not really rub on the covers much. I seem to grip with the inside of the boots on the frame. I have a 07 and my clutch cover still has probably 70% of the paint still on it. The bike just went over 200 hours. On the other hand I have seen people with just a few hours on the bikes with more wear than I have.

Terrible indicator of use really. I was looking at my 450f and 250t last week. The 450 has more case wear than the 250 but it has 30-40 hours on it tops. I bought the 250 very used and i rode it quite a bit before a full rebuild and hour meter add on. The 250 likely has 150 hours on it but it's narrower and wears less. 450s paint is very worn.

Riding style will do more variance too. Sit down upper body hangers will wear much less than leg grabbers.

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