What kind of bike am I stairing at/ vin decoder

How the heck do I de code the vin number on this Yamaha? All I know is it's a 2000 is there or is there any signs that is model destinct feature to a bike? And I know for a fact it's taller than my gf's 2012 TTR 230 if that helps and it dose not have a head light at this time but looks like there might have been one at one time

Under the seat, on the inside of one of the subframe rails, is a sticker that tells the model. If it actually had factory provision for a headlight, it was most likely a WR400. The tenth character of the VIN is the year of manufacture. 2000 is a "Y", 2001 is a "1". Characters 4-8 are the vehicle attributes (model, body series, engine, etc.), but I don't know what those would be for a YZ426 or a WR400.

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