2010 450F - Aluminum skid plate - that uses stock mount locations?

I currently have the carbon-fiber Lightspeed plate which uses the stock hardware/mounting locations. It's SO easy to remove for oil changes, etc.

BUT, for seriously rocky off-road stuff (going to Col soon) I want an aluminum plate . . . . that uses stock mounting locations.

I figure there's GOTTA be one out there, such as the GYTR, but there's no indication that one uses the stock mounting locations. They only show a picture, nothing about how it mounts, etc.

The GYTR plate uses the stock mounts. No clumsy clamps. I love mine.

Seems like most skid plates use stock mounts these days.

The GYTR plate uses the stock mounts. No clumsy clamps. I love mine.

Wow that's COOL! (I assume you're talking about the aluminum one) . . . I'm ordering up!

Thanks for tip!

The GYTR plate uses the stock mounts. No clumsy clamps. I love mine.

Sorry about the re-post, but . . . you are talking about the '10 thru '12 YZ450F's, correct?

(I know a stock mount bolt on aluminum plate was available up to '09, but wasn't sure about 2010 up.)

The GYTR aluminum model #33D-F14B0-P0-00 I just installed on my 2012 does not use the two front stock location mounting holes on the bottom of the crank case. It uses a bracket that gets cradled on top of the frame rails. I found it to be a pain in the ass to try to hold and align the bracket where it needs to be while getting the bolts started, so I cut out a rectangular slot in it just big enough to have access to that inner oil drain bolt. I really don't want to monkey around with that thing everytime I change the oil.

Man this is confusing . . . seems like they are the same because they're both for '10 thru'12 yz450F

BUT I see one difference; the part number.

the go-devel you have 33D-F14B0-P0-00

DRTRCR400 you have 33D-F14B0-T0-00

I'm really surprised one has stock mounting locations, and the other one the typical brackets seen on most skid plates.

I will order the T0-00 version, for the stock mounting system's ease of maintenance.

Thanks guys!

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