Side panel WR450F - 2012 can be fit WR450F 07-11

i saw many pics of this. i think it's can be fit. Anyone try it ?

I have 07 WR450F and now i wanna put side panels and front fender 2012 model to my bike so it's can be fit ???

Thanks alot !

anyone help me ?

What side panels are you talking about? Are they the ones that cover the air box? I have a 2012 and a 2011 so I can see if they will fit when I get home on Wednesday. And I'll let you know.


any way to swap the 2012 radiator shrouds to an 2011?

Thanks Tomerb, Can i see the pix ?>

The 2012 side panels (on the sides of the air box) will fit on my 2011 but the 2012 radiator shrouds will not fit on an 2011.

thanks TOmerb !!!

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