2stk huskys

Does anyone have real info on new design 2stks? Is there any real belief that BMW is interested in 2stk dirt bikes given what they are showing with the 4stks?

no one is showing the new DFI bikes yet.

At least your post implies there are some new bikes on the horizon. Since you obviously have connections I'll keep hoping. I really do not want another ktm.

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Expect to see a 2013 1/2 250 2T with DFI. I should be in the same trim as a TXC/WR. 2014 will have that same bike as 50 state street legal. I am out on a limb so don't let me down Husky by making a last second bail out.

There's your 2014 Husqvarna 250 2 stroke.


Could happen.

There's your 2014 Husqvarna 250 2 stroke.


Could happen.

Hope not.

Why has Husky RIps posted a photo shopped Gas Gas ?

Because nobody.... and I mean nobody... has even seen a 2014 preproduction Husky 2-stroke as of yet... nothing... no motocross track, no local races.... no bikes no where.

Which would mean one of three things.

1. Husqvarna is doing a very good job at keeping a tight lid on new developed of this product even though when an off road bike is being developed it's usually caught off site at a motocross track or local event durning prototype and preproduction testing in Italy... which has not happened as of yet.... and why might that be.... Maybe because there isn't such a bike?

2. Or Maybe Husqvarna is just going to save a bunch of money and just go out and purchase an existing bike from a company that has done all their 2-stroke work and is already developed as in say GasGas or Jotagas... Not a far reach considering BMW latest 499, 900 and 650 models all came from existing motor models.

3. Or maybe the bike is being developed someplace else other than in Italy... say another continent all together where it's hard for communications or spy photos to even leak out... for fear that you you might be executed....

Also keep mind..... EMICA is only 3 months away and there hasn't been ONE spy photo of any new Husqvarna 2-stroke mule being tested anywhere on the planet....

BUT there are photos floating around of yet another new Husky street bikes that will also be being shown at EMICA.... but again no photos of any new Husky dirt bikes other than the one I photoshopped 2 years ago and pictured below..

Point is I don't think BMW is interested in producing DIRT BIKES! From all signs it looks like their focus is to reinventing Husqvarna as BMWs MINI brand.... BUT for motorcycles and move all their BMW dual sport dirt spodes over to these rebranded BMW Husqvarnas adventure bikes.... which will all be sold out of existing BMW MOTORCYCLE SHOPS where these BMW dual sport spodes are use to spending stupid money for anything that has the BMW BRAND stamped on it.

One last thought.... and that is.... I was out in the woods this week and came to an intersection of two dirt roads.... there on one dirt corner was 5 BMW dual sport guys (all on what looked like BMW 650 dual sport adventure bikes) and they were just sitting their looking at maps and wearing very expensive BMW branded dual sport aventure gear ( A few of the bikes were even loaded with what looked like BMW branded bags and BMW brick-brack) ... they were all confused and lost, one bike fell over and the guy couldn't even pick up his own bike... and here I was just sitting there thinking these guys are the future of our Husqvarna BRAND.

JustSayen it like it is.

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And here's the bike we all wish Husqvarna would make... but don't hold your breath... It aint going to happen.


Or maybe this?:


The September issue of Dirt Bike magazine has an article on the 2013 Husky's. Doesn't really talk about DI two-strokes in the future much, but mentions it enough for me to believe that there will be one soon. Sounds good enough for me, I still got four years to pay mine off :thumbsup:

My favorite part of the article was the distinct lack of negative and sarcastic comments that seem to be frequenting this place.

Also, What is the year that manufacturer's will be required to have DI two-strokes, or super efficient carb models, or whatever the new rules will impose. 2014? Thanks for all serious answers. Smartasses need not apply.

who cares what we all think is coming down the line or what we think should come down the line. just ride the crap outta what we got and keep on smilin!!.

or...if you all are so adament(SP?) about what "they" should build...just build it yourself. Made In USA.

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