how many miles should water pump seal last?

I got 396 miles on a new 2011 wr450 and wondering if a seal is something I should add to the next parts order and keep in the tool box.

Also there is a couple of drops of what I believe to be rusty water, possibly , maybe oil coming from the weep hole/drain on the right (throttle) side of the cylinder towards the head gasket. it is orange-ish and slightly wet, my coolant is blue. didnt look or smell too much like oil. It was abot 90 degrees out while riding when I noticed about 4 drops came from the hole while riding. saw it when i stopped. I ride it hard and rev lots. What are my choices of juices that can come from the spark plug drain (if that is what it is) I am hoping it is only rusty water form the last time I washed the bike.

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That's really low mileage . I did 6000 this year alone and no issues like that... All mine needed was sprocket/chain and tires

is the hole on the cylendar the coolant weep hole? thought he coolant weep was lower on the case. cant seem to find anything in the manual on it. googling says it is the spark plug drain hole...

That weep hole on the cylinder is a drain for the spark plug cavity. Any water in there will drain out. If you see rust coming out of there, then it means that there is rust on the spark plug. If I were you, I would immediately remove that spark plug before it gets rusted in there and causes a problem.

The next spark plug you put in you should put some grease on the threads.

Change the plug about once every 100 hrs and do not wait for it to fail.

water pump seal on my bike lasted 5 years. But I think I waited much too long to change it. Change the seal(s) and shaft every couple of years. Like everything else, do not wait for it to fail.

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