94DB Pipes.. Q4, Lexx, Motoworks, Leo...

What do you think is the best 94DB pipe for 07 YZ450? The stock one is pretty nice and quiet, but not sure if it will pass 94db. It feels about 95db? Fresh packing.

I tried Leo Vince X3 with the silent insert.. Very nice and quiet, but it felt like it chopped the power on top with it in. With it out it was 98+db, although very smooth power. I might go back to it.

I had a Q4 on my old bike which was pretty nice, but $$ and quality is not as good as Leo Vince. I did like that the silent insert had a spark arrestor in it.. The Leo silent insert couldnt be used with the SA, which is when I need the SA.

I heard Lexx and motoworks are quiet, have no experience with them. I tried a white bros E series but it was more like 95db, and fugly. I like the multiple insert idea with lexx...


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