Found a good deal on a carb

I found a good deal on a 2007 YZ450 carb will it work on my 2000 YZ426 or what do I need to make it work.

Or what other years will be the best.

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If it's stock jetted, it will probably bolt on without a problem and run better than it ever has.

You need:

The throttle cables from the YZ450. They fit right into your old throttle, though. Easy.

The complete YZ450 hot start assembly. The 426 has none of this on board, so you'll need it all:

  • Plunger, spring, and seal
  • Retainer nut
  • Cable
  • Lever and lever perch

Other than that, it's the easiest, best, single drop-in mod you can do to a YZ400/426.

Thanks I already have the Hot start.

I have the plunger from my '01 carb in my '04. I haven't really ridden the bike yet, but I can't tell a difference up and down the street. It looks hard to get to but it's easy to do without looking, just stick one finger in front of the petcock and lift.


I end getting one off a 05 for $120.00.

Needs to be cleaned up no big deal I was planning to tear it down to a bare body clean very good before I put on the bike anyways it a toy.

Next will be new rims the front one has a crack in it yes it could be welded but why I am Vet rider gives me something to tinker with at least the wife knows where to find me in the garage tinkering.

Sounds like a good excuse to buy a TIG. :)

Hey, make sure you put the slide plate in the right way. :D

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The carb off he 2007 was for a YZF 450 and it had 2 plugs on it it was a 41 MM carb

I always could bore the 2005 off the YZ450 one before putting on the bike I have a guy already did my one off my CR500 for $35.00.

Give me some topend.

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The carb off he 2007 was for a YZF 450 and it ... was a 41 MM carb

The stock '07 carb was a 39mm, as are ALL YZ450's, '03-'09.

I have tig welders at work thats not the big deal.

When your young you most of the time they dont have the knowledge or extra cash to to keep the bike up where they would want it to be.

As a older Vet riders we have the knowledge and the xtrra cash sometimes LOL to have the bike where we would like it .

I have rode a clapped out bike when I was young and never will again So swaping the rims over is no big deal I know how to unlace and relace plus true the hoops and it give me something to tinnker with so why not.

Yes I could buy a brand new bike again but why this bike gives me a reason to go in the garage and tinker so I can recall the old Glory days once again when we were young so many years ago LOL.

I grew up in the Hey days of the late 70's and 80' back in the day of Sadleback, Escape Contry, Indian Dunes Carlsbad Ect lot good time and memories back it the air cooled ring ding ding 2 stroke days. drum brakes days if not careful you going home with a seize up bike LOL.

Sounds like a good excuse to buy a TIG. :)

Hey, make sure you put the slide plate in the right way. :D

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Hahaha, cheers mate.

Oh ya Replacing to Carb it runs fine but I just tinkering or the other way to look at it the day I get real borde and pull the motor out frame and do a big bore kit put a crank out 2001 or 2002 426 port the head.

Just to see how much more power I can get out of the bike.

I have built all kinds of bikes in the past jsut for something to do.

I like to put a wide ratio transmission in the bike also.

The funny thing I had this bike going on 3 or 4 months now rode it 3 or 4 times it a toy :-)

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My new used carb showed up today but it has 2 pig tail wire plugs on it &%$#@!.

Weird, can you post a pic? Also, you should be able to run the bike just fine without any electrical connections to it.

The throttle position sensor? Yours is supposed to have that too. If the connector is still there, just plug it in. Or you can leave it disconnected, but the part throttle behavior will be slightly better with it than without.

Thanks I still waiting fro the new cables to show up.

I think the Stock Carb has 1 pug on it I find out this weekend when I swap he carbs out.

Installed the new carb today the motor will not rev out it misses at high RPM's.

It has a 170 Main so I going to order a couple bigger mains and see how the bike likes it.

I will order a 175, 180 and a 185.

The stock carb had a 165 Main in it. I also pluged in the TPS i wounder if thats it Hum.

Did you take it all apart and clean it?

Did you take it all apart and clean it?

Yes all the way down to the bare carb body.

It feels like it to lean when it hits the main jet i have not checked the float level yet I will look at this weekend sometime.

I already Ordered some main jets I thought I still had some but with my luck when the new ones show Up I find my other main jets in a draw some Where LOL.

I also will pull the tank again and make sure the spark plug able is has not come loose.

It something stupid it nomaly is.

I how this Carb will give the Bike some more Over rev i just think the YZ topend is week just gets flat up on top.

If this dont help I going to pull the head and do some porting to it.

Was your carb from a YZ450F, or a YFZ450?

BIG difference.

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