My 1987 KX125 Restoration

Great job! It was nice to talk with you on the phone and glad I could help you find that mud flap. Call me if you ever have any more "Q" in the future and I can also send you the Hop-Up info from 1987 if you want it ( DMC,TEAM GREEN,TUF,PRO CIRCUIT). Again, Great job! Mark

1987 kx 125 x-large.jpg


Thanks. All I need is what it has for the jetting specs from the Team Green manual you have, so I can order the right jets for my carb, thats all.

You can just post them to this thread.

Thanks again.


Here is a photo of the team green spec sheet. In case you can't read it :


Main Jet 370 360

Jet Needle 6Dk1-3 -

Needle Jet R2 RO

Slide 3.0 -

Pilot Jet 35 -

Air Screw Setting n/a n/a

(turns out)

Spark Plug B10EG B9EV-B10

Please see photo of Hop-up guide from motocross action june 1987, it has many other ideas that they used back then from DMC Racing who was building the factory kx 125 for Kawasaki that year.



1987 KX 125 Dirt Bike X-Large.jpg

Hi, that last photo was from Dirt Bike magazine test December 1986. And just so you know I have a 340 main with RO needle, however I am at high altitude in Colorado, you may want to stick to 350-360 on the main. Mark

1987 KX 125 Dirt Bike X-Large.jpg


Thank you so much Mark.

The DirtBike photo and MXA tips (Though it is too small and I cant read it) is great. Thank You.

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Nice work man. Bike looks great. reminds me of when I rode an 87 kx 250. Thing was fun to ride but stator problems forced me to get another bike. An 88 kx 250. That was fun to ride but it broke all the time. That was in 95 so the bikes were all old and in need of work so their problems were not the bikes fault. Seeing this makes me want to get an old bike from my past and fix it up. Great thread.

Yes I own that also, however the Team Green specs and DMC set up is much better since the race tuning guide is just a regular old "how to" not "this works best" guide.

1987 KX 125 Dirt Bike X-Large.jpg

Where is the DMC info?


He used to be THE MAN!!

I used to have an '87 kx250 with a DMC seat cover. Was pretty cool.

I posted the photo of the hop-up article from motocross action up toward middle of this page. It is all DMC mods from 87 for the 125. If you can't read it I can photo copy it or mabey scan it in and try to get it to you.

Ah, OK. I may still have that issue. Thanks! (it does say June '87, correct?)

bansheedave, cool indeed!

Yes it's june 1987, it also has 87 kx 250 cartridge fork kit article you may want to read for your bike. another great photo from 87 125 test.

x-large 87 kx 125 dirt bike.jpg


Have some more part completions, A really good front brake problem solved that I will make a quick vid on and share it. Should help many out with the same problem.

Also the break in vid. Will be fun.

I will have them all up as the weekend progresses


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Sweet. I am looking forward to it.

update??   :)

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