Hand guards?

What Frankieyzf250 is trying to say is that he's fast...Of course, we'll what he says after I take him to his first Enduro this weekend ...I'll be laughing my @ss off!!



01' WR426

99' YZ400

87' FZR1000

Uh, like twist the throttle...

Hey, I just could not resist after you set yourself up like that. Took you long enough to reply. I'm sure I'll be learning a thing or two! By the way, you need to work on your spelling.

I got the acerbis flag handguards which look cool and have a universal mounting kit so theyll fit anything perfectly as they did my renthals.


jason young

01 yz250f

<font color="navy">I'm about 6'2, 205lbs and am running the Renthal Jimmy Button bars. I totally love them. On the first ride after changing the bars, I could feel a huge difference in corning, standing, and jumping. More room, just way better! Being your height, I would recommend nothing other than the Jimmy Button bend Renthals!

I did cut mine down, to 31 or 32 inches I belive.

Hope this helps in your choice!

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