Bad Noise While Decelerating

I went riding over the weekend and noticed my bike (06 WR450) started making this rattling/grinding noise while decelerating it goes away if I pull the clutch in. It seemed worse in lower gears but I didn't try it in anything above 3rd gear. It also seems to be from the left side of the engine but hard to tell. I was with other people and didn't really have time to look into it we rode about 60 miles at Taneum and I'm just glad it didn't fall apart and we had a good day of riding. I'm hoping it's my chain since I have never replaced it or my sprockets and did notice some tight links last time I adjusted it. Seems like it would make noise while accelerating and decelerating if it was though.



If the sprockets/chain were bad it would make a skipping sound during acceleration, does nothing when decelerating.

My chain will make a clatter on hard engine braking - often with some help from rear brake, usually in a low gear or downhill section. Its adjusted on the loose side of spec and I believe its just slapping the guards so haven't thought much about it. Doesn't do it all the time or for normal decel, and wouldn't call it a grinding noise at all though. You described it as from the engine area though, not sure what that would be.

Well I put it on a stand and tried to duplicate the problem but couldn't really tell. The chain sure wasn't running smooth though kinda jumping or binding but that might have been because there was no load on it? Anyway I cut my chain off since I'm going to replace it either way and noticed about 5 links I can hardly move so I'm crossing my fingers that's all it was. I'm going to order a sprocket/chain set and new chain guards front and rear. I'll let you guys know if that takes care of it probably next week.


More than likely the chain and sprockets.

Ok I still need some ideas I replaced the chain and sprockets and the noise is still there. I noticed it only starts making this noise after I have ridden for about 10 miles it's quiet before that. It still only makes the noise while engine braking and is really more noticable in 1-3rd gear and 3rd isn't as noticeable but still slightly there. The engine runs fine no noise revving it and has plenty of power.

How beat and worn is your chain guide? It must be straight, have plenty of nylon bushings and both chain rollers must turn freely and not be worn or shot.

Check those, pics if you can.


I should have mentioned I replaced the chain guard on the front of the swing arm and the guide on the back.

Sorry to bring this back up but I still need help I haven't gone riding since this issue.  I pulled the clutch cover off and inspected, the clutch plates look fine they are clean and there is no abnormal wear on the basket.  I removed the clutch basket and when I turn the shaft it makes a noise similar to what I hear when riding.  I don't know if this is normal noise for the gears or not.  Here is a video link.  I would really appreciate some feedback. 






Bad bearing. 

So when you spin that shaft it shouldn't sound like that? 

So when you spin that shaft it shouldn't sound like that? 

No, it should be smooth and quiet

Ok thanks!  I'll take it in and have it fixed it.

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