Broke my case today

Tryed to give my starter a rest today so i tryed kick starting it,bad choice.First kick nothing second kick it kicked back so hard about took my leg off.So i tried the electric starter and it started after a few turns. So I took off for a ride after a few minutes the bike made a odd noise like the starter was still engaged. So I stopped and looked down, thats when I noticed a BIG crack/hole in the case behind the kickstarter. Had to go back to the truck....end of day!

I went to Yamaha Dealership and asked the service dept. if they heard of this happening? Yes...the have seen a few. Total cost of repair $1800.00. When they called on a previous repair, Yamaha said that the idle is the problem. If the idle is below 1800RPMs the kickstarter can kick back. Alternate fix would be to have the case welded.It looks like all you have to do is push the case back together and weld it!Alocal shop says that they can fix the case no problem.Do you think that i should pull off the right side crank case cover to look for any other damage ?? :excuseme:If so what should i look for? Has anyone ever herd of this happening before ?If you thought i was scared of the woodruff key not any more now it's the kickstarter!! :) Any advice would be great! Thanks Scott


Here is a pic! 97981535eqxoDo_ph.jpg

Here is a pic! faa9f442.jpg.thumb.jpg

Now I'm freaked about kick starting my bike!! Will it never end, the year of the starter.. :):D

That has to be bad luck! I have not heard of anyone cracking the case thru the kick starter mechanism. :)

A friend of mine had the exact same thing happen to him on his brand new 2002 yz426. I think he started to bike w' the throttle opened, a no-no on a carb w/ TPS! Yamaha fixed it under warranty.

Soory to hear it

Ouch! Suckage Factor = Very High :)

It seems like way back when, somebody posted something similar to this so it's not the first I've heard of it.

How did he get them to pay for it?My bike is about 7 months old and i bought it used.Do you think i have a chance in hell? faa9f442.jpg.thumb.jpg

I think Yamaha should fix it free of charge.

These blue bikes have been having way too

many problems. Pls keep TT informed of what

happens. :)

The picture isn’t good… on the contrary, it is a very very bad picture… :) in my opinion i would leave the idea of the weld. If it’s a cover it’s possible, but the case… A weld in the case for a hole so big in that zone is not a good idea for two reasons: first: in that zone there is the pivot shaft of the swingarm too, so the stress is very high and a weld is not a guarantee of strength; second: after the weld you have to rectify the hole for the kick axle, and this operation is not easy to do, because all clearances is very important for a good work of the kick gear.

Yamaha must to fix it under warranty, without extenuanting circumstance!!!! :D

Just got home from work, talked with the

Yamaha shop today and they said you ordered the parts I told you to order..

Cool. The case looks like it will be OK

even though the aluminum they used doesn't weld as good as some of Yamahas

eariler bikes did.....Welding it in the

frame wasn't as tough as it looked...

give me a call later....BC

OH yeah....tell those guys that were gonna charge you 1800 bucks to give me

a call when they want some MAGIC done

:D :D :Dfaa45b8b.jpg

Well this is what we found......

Don't let that K/S fly back or this stop will break...and then guess what happens? You guessed it the cases gernade!!

BC :)

I think the same thing happend to a friend of mine here in Iceland just some wheeks ago. Yamaha wr 450.

Did it look like this?? faa9f442.jpg:D:):D

Are we about to see another defect on this bike or what? I'm to [@#$%&!] scared right now to buy this bike, cause of it's defects. I'm hoping for it to arrive soon, but I think I'm having second thoughts on buying one.

Me too. I do not understand why yamaha use us as "beta testers" ...

Man that sucks. :)

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