Say it ain't so RacerX!!!!!!!!

Talked to Paul last night, from what I could hear, (his phone connection sucked!!!!LOL) he sounded a bit down since he's been injured. :D It seems like his hip injury just added more pain to his already painful wrist. And to make matters worse (you didn't hear it from me :D ) his wife is putting the pressure to him and he promised her he's gonna stop racing all together!!!!!

I mentioned to him that we are gonna rally up the AZOTMX gang and make a surprise appearance at casa de Wilson. :)



Moto to Live

Live to Moto


Whoa! Just the thought of the OTMX gang showing up at your house should change the wife's mind! :D

Paul, I can't tell you how many times I've been in your situation.

I quit desert racing in 1987 after almost breaking my neck in Mexico. Almost quit riding completely but it's in my soul, I just love it too much! So I just went trailriding, no more racing.

The hardest one was breaking my hand (just trailriding), having surgery, and not being able to work for 8+ weeks. I was self-employed (flooring installer) and almost went bankrupt from the loss of income.

The wife almost had me convinced to quit but once I was healed up I was back on the trails.

I am fortunate with my current knee injury that I have an good employer and paid sick time.

Now my wife is getting tired of me being around all weekend. I guess she has become the ideal moto-widow. :)

Anyway, don't make any decision now. See how you feel about it in a few weeks/months.

Injurys are an inherent part of this sport but the thrills and friendships outlast them all.

Time heals all wounds, including the wifes anger.

Good Luck,



'00 YZ426F


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