99 yz400f fork oil capacity and weight

I'm about to order seals and tools to do my forks, but i need to know how much oil to get - and what weight - not sure if it matters really, but what weight should i get? what tools besides the seal driver and bullet and the fork oil level tool thing? Thanks!

The fork level tool thing isn't necessary. Handy, maybe, but not required. A vernier caliper will work, as will anything you can use for a dipstick.

Remember that you do not need to remove the base valve or damper cartridge to do this job.

You will need somewhere around 36 ounces of oil, so get two quarts. Any good quality 3-5wt FORK OIL will work.

Is that 36 oz per side? And i was just going to use the rocky mountain vids as a referance- thatll work right? Never done this before. Any good tips?

No, not per side. It will take just over one full quart to fill both sides to the right oil level. There is no specified quantity to install to, just a level measurement.

Never seen the RM video, but it's probably fine.

Thanks for the help. hopefully i can get this done. These are cartridge type right?

They are a single chamber, open bath cartridge fork, yes.

Thanks for the help Gray. I did this project about a week ago, and it was a LOT easier than i had anticipated. My bike is a whole new machine now. Not at all squirrely, and the PO had the forks set at 25 clicks in. Holy crap! I backed it off to 20, and then off more to 10. I'm still fine tuning, but they were stiff as heck. i wonder if thats what caused the seals to blow?

No, it's not. The fork seals are not exposed to the pressures created within the damping cartridge. Adjustments are made by turning the clickers all the way IN (tight, down, clockwise, etc.), then counting clicks OUT. This gives a repeatable reference from the point at which the adjusting needles in the assembly bottom out. Remember that you have two such adjusters, rebound on top, and compression under the bottom.

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