2000 426 trans problems

so its been a long time since i have been on here, but i have a problem, i loaded up my 426 last weekend and my girlfriend asked me why it was leaking oil, i told her it always leaks a little oil (out of the breather) and she said not like it was this time, i looked and what i saw was half a qt in the bed of my truck, mind you i had just loaded it up. I wipped away the oil and noticed it was leaking out of what appeared to be a crack in the case, great, just what i wanted, long story short, i pulled it apart and the good news is i can repair the case, the bad news is how the crack happend, i scattered the tranny, so with my bike being a street legal yz, i have a couple of questions for fellow TT members, the first being can i swap in a wr trans in my 2000? i know they never made a 2000 wr 426, the second is if so does anyone know where i can find a reasonablely priced wr trans, i have found yzs for 100-180 depending on new or used. Any help would be greatly appreciated, considering i have blown up my blaster, banshee, destroyed the push rods on the harley and now the trans on my 426 all in the past 6 months (harley the night befor the trans on the 426) i am in need of some help and cheap parts lol

The WR426 trans drops in. You can reuse your output shaft, but not the main shaft. The low gear pinion is cut directly on that shaft. Shift forks are the same.

ok thank you, that answeres my biggest question, no the problem im having is finding a wr trans with out going through a dealer, they want 630 ish for a wr tans?? &%$#@!? So with that being said does any one know where to find a cheap wr trans?

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