The "factory" Yamaha´s of Australia....

The new generation of Yamaha YZ450´s gets alot of bashing lately, some say they handle bad, some say they are the ugliest bikes out there.

In my opinion an awesome bike that with designed with some taste and equipped with some goodies can be a cool looking bike.

One team that surely make this bike look great is the CDR Yamaha team in Australia.

Some pics of the bikes...


A team vid: :)

Wish mine looked like that, I wonder what is the story behind the black motor mounts or head stay as I've heard it called, surely not just painted for looks? Seems like i remember seeing a weird one on jgr bikes too although it looked rubber mounted.

Interesting. Must be carbon fiber...

i think they are good bikes. prob the most reliable bike out of the lot too.

i just think yamaha missed the mark a little and sent out an unfinished bike.

the suspension is great, but they failed with the weight, fuel in oil. and the reverse cylinder engine/mass centralization is questionable.. to be honest, i think they should have the cylinder facing the normal way and make air cleaner access better.

but all in all, its still a great bike.

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^^^ kinda agree with the above. i really enjoy my 2011 and all the Yamaha's before it (since 1999).

anyone know what the black tubing or cable is that is coming down from the shroud area and next to the cylinder?

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Vent tube? I don't see it on stator side.

It´s a bummer that this guy has a bad leg/ankle becuase he is one of few that actually progressed after getting on the new generation Yamaha and seemed to really like it !

Also a bummer that this L&M team couldn´t hold it togheter, I think this was a professinal looking team with good structure until Stewart started to tear it apart with drama.

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