I'm in! Just agreed to buy a Licensed 2001 XR650R

Thanks for the advice & guidance, I was struggling with the rather good choices out there. I was everywhere from a DRZ400S to a KLR650 & after reading & listening to you guys I settled on the best compromise I could find/afford.



Just remember to respect the power of the BRP. This bike will flat out haul a$$. If you are out flying on dirt backroads, you will find out that you have to brake sooner than you think, so get some practice braking at speed. I practice panic braking every ride. If you are running dual sport tires with aggressive knobbies the BRP will not simultaneously brake hard and corner well on asphalt. Take it easy until you know your bike.

Have fun and be ready to replace the rear tire often. :)


I agree, the last time I raced, bikes with more than 7" of suspension travel seemed awful silly :). So I'm going to be learning to ride all over again.

Dadgum these things are tall! I'm 6' with decent legs, but it's a long ways to the ground. I just sent my deposit, it's weird buying a bike I have not even sat on. The guy seemed awful nice & from the pics, it has not ben abused.

I can't wait!


Congratulations! You will be happy with the bike and yes get used to buying tires :) Did you buy it on Ebay or someplace else?



I'm very pumped! I have been busy being a dad for the last 20 years, I'm ready to play! The sad reality is the trails, ditch crossings etc. I rode as a kid are gone. That's why I picked the 650 over a 400, because if I want to ride very often, much of it will be on the street looking for a right of way, ditch, or a country road to ride a wheelie on. I would like to get in on some enduros eventually for fun.

No it was not on e-bay, but I was watching the one in Florida. I sent that guy a couple of e-mails asking about a couple of details, like where was the license plate on the licensed bike?

He also mentioned a new graphics kit (not shown) so I was not sure how current the pic was?

No slam, just didn't have enough info for a warm fuzzy feeling.


When you get it, be sure to check it out thoroughly, and make sure it's been uncorked properly, with no part of the uncorking process left out or done incorrectly. This is very important to make sure the bike will run correctly.

Other very important things to check out can be found at


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