How many big bore Yamaha 4 strokes have you had? (1998+)

Just wondering how the Yamaha brand loyalty is doing out there. I've been reading articles that shit on the 2010+ YZ450F handling and I don't understand why. My 2012 450 is the best handling bike that I've ever ridden IMHO, far better than any of my previous Yamahas. I've had 5, a 2000 WR400F, 2003 WR450F, 2004 YZ450F, 2006 YZ450F, and now the 2012 YZ450F. I've always felt that Yamaha's were kind of quirky bikes in the ergonomics department compared to other bikes I've ridden, but they fit me, so I've stayed with them. And if there's two constant Yamaha traits I could add to that, it would be robust engineering, and reliability. There's more to a bike than just how the pro's think they handle. Absolute BS.


2- 00 YZ 426F and 06 YZ 450F. I thought the 00 was a better bike all around, still wish I had never traded it off.

On edit... make that 3- I have an 02 YZ 426F in pieces in the garage.

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I've had three, 02 YZ 426 (probably my favorite motor) an 08 YZ 450 (really liked the suspension) and now a 12 WR450, witch is a whole new ball game.

00 426, 04 450 and currently an 08 450. Great bikes I think. My 08 has been revalved by TBT Suspension and it goes wherever I point it to.

My first was a new '99 YZ400F, then a used '08 YZ450F, then I bought a new '10 YZ450F (my current Yamaha 4-stroker)

I love Yamaha's; they are tough, reliable bikes! My '99 400 sold me on them, I was hooked from then on. :)

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