DR350 Replacement Clutch Lever Assemblies Aftermarket!

As I was restoring my '95 DR350SE I noticed my 'clutch perch' was cracked.

I looked 'on-line' and found O.E.M. prices running from $54.00 to $39.00 for the complete assembly. (Suzuki won't/don't sell just 'the perch'.)

Suzuki USA is OUT OF Stock. Wait time maybe a month. Not Bueno!

However, 'Niche Cycle Supply' in Florida has a nice replacement assembly!

At a Great price! $13.95 and FREE freight! AND its a two piece mount!

So you won't have to strip the handle bar to replace it if you tip over.

Now, this assembly does NOT support the clutch lever safety switch.

But, its real EZ to bypass this switch by tracing the (2) switch wires under the headlight

cover and after unplugging the two switch wires. Replugging the two wires that the switch was plugged into,


I bought (2) of these lever assemblies. They come complete. Perch, lever, pivot bolt, and, adjuster.

One for the bike and one for a 'spare'. The O.E.M. levers will NOT interchange.

but at $13.95 the complete unit is almost as cheap as just a aftermarket lever.

Niche Cycle Supply

(727) 342-5601

Part number 32-69885 tell Kevin at the order desk 'Jim' sent ya!

good tip

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