2003 WR450f electrical issue, stator?

From my searching I am guessing my stator has went out, but just thought I would see what you guys thought. I bought this bike used not to long ago, dual sported and I've been daily driving it for the last couple weeks. It's been running great up until a couple nights ago. I changed the lighting set up about a week ago and went to led headlights and a led taillight all wired d/c and just capped off the factory a/c circuit. I keep the lights turned off 85% of the time and the electric start is not hooked up so battery drain shudnt be an issue. One night I was coming home from work and my bike just started sounding horrible, missing and backfiring and ended up dying. I turned the lights off and it kickstarted right up, flipped the lights on and started running bad again, back off and all was fine.. Then the next day I rode around some with the lights off and after about 30 min it started running like it did with the lights on and I had to push it back home.....because of the order things failed and since it shouldn't need a battery to run anyway...., I'm 95% sure its a stator issue, but before I drop the $$ on a trail tech stator, I thought I would ask for any other ideas

This is my first Yamaha, and so far it has been the biggest piece of shit I've ever owned.....I'm about 1 more problem away from striking a match and collecting what I can on insurance. I bought that stator/rectifier, installed it all, rode the bike about 10 blocks, it wouldn't hit any high rpm, it just would pop and backfire if I tried, and then it started doing it at lower rpms and died out all over again just like before. I thought maybe the battery had just junked and was pulling all the juice away from the computer, so I tried disconnecting it. Got the bike to start, but it wudn't rev up at all, just pop and backfire, and just died almost immediately, which it would do with the battery connected as well. Anybody have any ideas? Because of its initial downfall it HAS to be something electrical......I'm seriously starting to regret this purchase :)

What is the voltage at the battery while running good and when the problem happens?

Disconnect the wiring that you did for the lights. If it fixes your problem then you know where to look.

Check your rectifier/regulator wiring too.

I triple checked my wiring for my reg/rec on install (plug and play), plus with it starting without a battery connected I would think that would have to be correct?? I will double check tho. I disconnected the lights when I started it without the battery as I ran my own wires straight to the battery since they are D/C only and I didnt have this TT stator in originally. I grabbed my meter from work today so I will check voltages later/tomorrow.


Alright, just checked voltage. Engine off, battery was just a smidge over 11 volts. Started her up and checked and came to 13.3v, drove around the block (still cudn't hit high rpm) and checked again, 13.25ish volts, let it sit idling for about a minute checking every so often and it slowly dropped. I shut it down at 12.9v.....Any ideas? Maybe something getting hot? Also, seems like 13.3v is a little low for a brand new stator, shouldn't I be in the 14ish volt range?

okay, well ig i will partially answer my own question and ask one more. I think something isn't grounding out, and as the bad ground heats up, resistance builds and causes the voltage to drop. Now my question for you all, does anyone know if the r/r is grounded through its mounting bolts? Trail Tech sent me the wrong r/r, so i cranked it down using modified washers. I get a couple volts when I test between one of those mounting bolts and the negative post on the battery, so I think I found my problem....

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