another question? cb key

I was wonderring what size cb key you guys are using, i got some 3/16, but I think that it is supposed to be 7.5 mm. it is not as tight of a fit as I would like. I was looking at stock on MCmaster and all they had was 1/4 and 3/16.

I haven't checked the cost, but I was wondering...if you know that this is a known problem with the 2000 model, and that you will have to re-visit this key again in the future, shouldn't you perhaps consider replacing the 2000 unit with the 2001, which did away with the key and replaced it with a spline drive? I can't figure out why they used the key in the first place on the 2000 model...there are splines everywhere else on the CB mechanism. Anyway, tell me what you find out.

Dude! to do that you would have to split the cases and replace the crank with a new one, not worth the 1500 bucks or however much it would be. I will spend the dollar on key stock.

Agreed! It's cost prohibited unless you sell your perfectly good 2000 and buy a 2001/2. Not an option for me. You still would loose 1500.00! I got my keystock from Stott F some time ago. On my dial caliper his stock measures 198 thousandths of an inch. A Yamaha replacement key measures just shy of 196 thousandths. I keep this stuff around along with extra gaskets in case I need them. I've replaced my keystock twice. Once with Scotts stock, and lately with a yamaha replacement. I don't think the Yamaha part will last as well, but I thought I'd try it and see.

Glen T

Glen said it. A tight fit is better. The key is 5mm, or about .198" I'll send a piece to yz4me if you want. Do not use 3/16".


I'd like to have a piece, if you have it. Tell me what I need to do, and I'll be happy to oblige. Thanks.

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