Sweet breather hose setup

Did this on my blue bike, and on my dads red. First thing I did was take the breather and split it into two lines, then I took one of the lines and put a 1 way valve on the line to allow flow into the crank case, I then ran this line up and into my airbox between filter and carb, so I get filtered air into my crankcase. Then I put a 1 way valve on the other hose that allows flow out of the crank case and let this line hang down. Works like a dream, eliminates getting oil inside you're box if you do it normally, and stops water/dirt getting into carb/crankcase. For the valves I just used some small hose valves that my dad just literally had lying around, you can probably find them pretty easy.

Have you noticed any difference in throttle response or smoothness of the engine after routing the lines as you described? My KLX suffered with surging until I routed the breather to the atmosphere instead of between the filter and carb. The positive/negative pulses of the breather apparently affect airflow to the carb.

Not really, I can imagine positive pressure creating this, but with this setup no positive pressure is going into the airbox.

So I guess my answer would be no

****Wow, my Bajagod nick stopped working awhile ago so I made eater_of_dirt, all of a sudden im posting as bajagod??? whatever****

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