Ran out of Gas Today after 68 Miles

I found out today how much range I have on my bike under normal desert riding conditions. I hit empty at 65 miles and was able to go 3 miles more on reserve for a total of 68 miles. I knew I was getting low, so I headed for more gas and ran out just across the street from the gas station in Ocotillo Wells. I ride with a bunch of guys with Hondas (XR650s & a CRF450) who all have much larger tanks than me. I have not heard of any great choices for a larger tank for the WR450 (I heard the IMS tank had some mounting issues with the fuel petcock?). Has Clarke or Zip-Ty come out with a good larger tank yet for the WR450? Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

I donno about your 450, but I love the Clarke tank/seat combo on my WR426. They make a real good product.

Wow, my last ride I went over 70 miles and it appeared I was about at the halfway mark on gas if even that. Now I do have the 01 WR426 with the 3.2 gallons, but the 450 should do better. My accel pump duration has been really shortened also, this gives you lots more range also. I have zero flat spots, blip it and it roost! :)

These bikes are senstitive to riding style when it comes to fuel mileage I think mainly because of the accelerator pump. If I'm riding hard where I'm on and off the gas a lot I'll get 26 to 29 mpg (68 miles/2.5 gal = 27.2 mpg), if I'm just cruising smooth that number will go as high as 40 mpg. Typically when I ride in the desert it's closer to the lower numbers.

When we ride in the desert we are really on the throttle - and spend considerable time in 5th gear at WOT. The real point of my original post was to see if anyone knows of a good after market larger tank for the WR450??

I get 25 to 30 mpg range depending on the terrain and 2.6 gallons can't get me past 80 miles! I need a 3.6 gallon plus tank bad and no one is going to make one! I really want the 100 mile range so I can do the Baha and other trips. :)

The real point of my original post was to see if anyone knows of a good after market larger tank for the WR450??

You have to understand when you post that you ran out of gas at 68 we all kind of compare it to what we get.. Sorry, I'm gonna give you one more reference on mileage then I'll get to the tank situation. At the last Vegas to Reno race I spent the last 200 miles with the throttle pretty much all the way back in fifth gear. We calculated my bike getting about 30-35mpg (still better than your bike). On another causual ride in Nevada I ran out of gas at mile 156 with my IMS 3.1 tank. I got 52 miles per gallon that day. Yes I was taking it easy.. My whole point of this is I think you could be getting better mileage. My jetting is totally stock and runs great... You should look at your jetting situation..

Now, I have the 3.1 IMS tank. I think the stock tank is 2.6? The tank's gonna run you about $200.00, the fit of the tank is marginal, on my dads bike it rubbed off a good chunk of his valve cover. On the left side of tank the gas goes lower than the inlet of the carb, meaning you'll never use that gas that's lower than the carb, trust me, I've ran out of gas numerous times, you have to get off your bike and tip it over on the right side so that the gas will go to the right side of the tank (higher than the carb inlet). I don't remember seeing this on TT before because I think I might be one of the only guys to have a clear (natural) tank here.. If you had the blue tank you'de never know that you still had almost a half a gallon of gas left. Also you have to route the fuel lines all over the place and use a tee. I had to have the tank for it's drybreak filler but if I were just trail riding with it I would have to think really hard before I spent $200.00 for an extra half a gallon..

Hope this helps, Dan

i just fill 2 empty oil cans up with gas :D costs me about 1 dollar for gas and gives me about 20 more miles, just stick it in the back pack ... cheap and easy :):D

Dan Lorenze is right. If you race wide open or cruising you will do better than 30 mpg. But for most of us who can't go into the corners as fast the lower fuel mileage is achieved when braking hard and accelerating out all the time like non racers do in Eastern woods riding. Just like a car gets different mileage in the city and on the highway. I can get 50 mpg on my bike if I never hit the brakes or changed elevation much! I have trouble beating 30 mpg when riding hard due to heavy use of brakes. :)

I'm not a great rider - so I do brake (using both engine and regular brakes) and hit the gas to get back up to speed as I hit turns. This together with my jetting probably explains my poor gas mileage. Thanks for all the help on this subject. I really appreciate this board and have gotten great advice on many topics. The bottom line is that I LOVE my WR!

You can get Auxilary tanks that fit on the rear gaurd just behind the seat. These can be easily installed and removed as required. You use the rear tank first to get rid of the weight behind your chair, I believe you can get them upto about 5L (approx 1.8 US gal.)acerbis do make them, as I have seen them in a catologue, could not find them on there web site

i just fill 2 empty oil cans up with gas costs me about 1 dollar for gas and gives me about 20 more miles, just stick it in the back pack ... cheap and easy

Me too!!! :) Danny, you're a big spender!! :D I just use old Gatorade bottles :D They work great and don't leak...


This is my backpack with a gallon inside and a gallon outside.. I figure if I have to, I can go about 250 miles.

Hey Poway Rider. You don't need a bigger tank. Just stop by the Blu-in and get a gallon of gas and a burger. Your good for the rest of the day. :)

I actually ran of gas across the street from the Blu-in and didn't get a burger (It was too crowded to eat, but I got some gas). We started in Plaster City and made a 100 mile loop. It was a great day for a ride.

I figured that's where you were. We did a 72 mile loop from Superstition a couple of weeks ago. Like you I only got gas. They seem to be doing a really good business on food this year. What a zoo! :)

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