Any drawbacks to lowering the XR650R????

I just saw the lowering link 1.75" for the rear.

That plus the bar risers to lower the front would almost fix the only thing I was concerned about on the 650. I'm 6', but the comfort factor in being able to dab flat footed would sure help my confidence. Is there any drawback to it for street/trail use. Ground clearance should not be an issue.


You need to make sure the bike is balanced front to rear. I raised the forks by 31mm (1-1/4") to compensate for the lowering link. This may not be ideal for you but it works for me. Race and static sag (with the springs that I am using) turned out perfect.

Installation is very easy.

The change in handling is great (both different and positive). The BRP corners likes a SuperMotard compared to the original ride. I can also now pivot on one foot with confidence in tight turn around situations.

I have not discovered any drawbacks. I have ridden everywhere (sand, ruts, washboard, highway) at speed with no problems. This has been the best mod that I have made to the BRP.

I've recently installed a Kouba lowering-link and found that my BRP handles way better! I'm 5'7", so my confidence has dramatically increased. I can now plant my feet if I need to and cornering is much improved. I was still not sold on the BRP handling-wise, until I install the link. For the shorter riders this is a night and day improvement in the handling dept. :)

So, going with the recomended spring rates for my weight will work out right with the link? I've been riding the bike for just a few days & I'm more comfortable on it than I thought possible for an old fart that was used to 7" of travel & seat heights about 6" lower :). I can handle the height for normal stuff, but for some trails, the ability to "dab" might make a world of difference (vertical vs horizontal). I'm 6', 230# with gear, the rear spring is definately too soft for me so I may order both the link & the springs (front & rear) & do them at the same time.

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