Checked my 2010 YZ450f valves today with only 47 hours

I thought the bike seems to take a kick or two more last weekend to start when she was hot so I decided to check the valves today for the first time as I am the second owner I do not know what they were at before. I do know this is the first time they have ever been checked and there is 47 hours on the meter that is true to the bike.

Intake 0.05-0.05

Ex 0.09-0.12

As you can see they are too tight but I am unsure if this was tight enough to affect start up?

Anyhow on Hondas we tend to run them tighter then OEM specs so my question to you guy is what do you set your valves at with these 2010-2010 yz450f?

Should I aim tighter then specs or right on?

Also do you think these valves are walking at this low of hours? I don’t see that it ever sucked in dirt or anything by checking the intake boot.

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dangit sorry wrong section in the forum

Loose is better than tight. I came from hondas... you are wrong.

Run them on the loose side. There's a spec in the manual for a reason. If you want your engine to live a long & happy life, you'll keep those valves within the specified range. And stay off of the rev-limiter! The bike will last a long time by following a few simple maintenance procedures. Check the valves, OFTEN!!! Stay off of the rev-limiter. Change the oil, OFTEN!!! And clean the air filter, OFTEN!!!

For the amount of enjoyment she provides you, can't you show her a little love? Maniac

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