kick starter: MIA

Thought I share my experience at my last race. Having a great day at one of my favorite yearly races, stopped at a reset with my buddy, great run, time to go, reach down, no kick starter, f#%& me!!! This is a first. I have broken or lost lost of parts, but the kick starter? Didn't have the balls to finish the last 20 miles (not a hill in site) after I bump started it, but I was close. My first DNF in over 10 years on the easiest enduro I run! Anyway, you might want to check that bolt and lock-tite it since it is not a pinch clamp. Not like the my old XR's were you would have to pry the starter off even after removing the bolt.

Could this have been a message for me to get an e-start? Halloween is coming and "pumpkins" are in season.

Blue for now, Keith

It must be a sign. The Great Pumkin is calling you. Beware of the cult!

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