How do I install a pipe?

I bought a used dsp stainless muffler and head pipe. I installed the head pipe no problem. From reading other posts I guess you seal the mid pipe with high temp gasket sealer. Do I also use gasket sealer where the mid pipe attaches to the muffler? It is held on by springs(they were missing) and seems like it will leak allot of air. Any help from someone who bought this pipe new would be greatly appreciated.

My WB R4 is the same way...I use high temp sealant around both connections (head pipe to mid section...and mid section to canister) make sure you squeeze to end of the spring together so that they wont fall off (I lost 2 springs before I started doing this) I "jimmy rigged" some trapoline springs to hold the muffler on tighter and it works very well. Make sure you use springs as they are very critical IMO to keep a tight seal! Later,



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