Clutch Slippage

My Xr650r clutch slips from mid to high rev badly. I've adjusted the clutch to have as much freeplay as possible and it helps a little. The bike only has 800 or so miles on it. We do alot of tight trails though. I was curious if anyone has had any issues with this. Do I need HD springs to correct the problem. Or do I need a new clutch. It's fine upon takeoff but go to romp on her and she just sits there. Really annoying.

Try changing the oil - Mobil One 15-50 works for me.

I'm using spectro petro/synthetic blend 10w40....I don't see that causing my problem.

If your clutch is properly adjusted and its still slipping, then get some HD clutch springs to install, but also remove the clutch and measure the clutch/drive plate wear just to be certain tolerances are still within spec. It should be, but if you feather the clutch a lot or if it has been slipping for a while, then your friction discs may be worn more than suspected. You don't even have to drain the oil from the bike to do this. You can remove the right side cover with the bike on its kickstand and not loose any oil, but I'd still keep an oil pan underneath just incase. If you straighten the bike up from its leaning position on the kickstand, then the oil WILL spill out, so make sure it stays leaning or be prepared. The service manual spells out the clutch service limits very well with good pictures. If you have a 2000/2001 XR650R, then consider replacing the clutch bushing while you're in there with the newer updated version. I'd also recommend buying a new lock nut for the clutch incase the existing one can't be used again.

Make sure to check your clutch adjustment first before tearing into anything incase you're only in need of an adjustment.

No oil with Friction modifiers. I run Spectro Petroleum/Synthetic blend 10w40. I was told recently to run 20w50 petroleum.

I just pulled my clutch apart though. Come to find a Friction(fiber) plate is cracked completely on one side. Nice fine crack right through it. Would this be enough for the clutch to slip badly when compressed? The plates are black in color(are they burnt?) What went wrong? I do ride it hard lots of sand and tight trails. It's a 2002 and I don't think the bushing would do it unless it's an early production number. The springs seem kinda spongy. I've ordered H.D. springs from xr's only and am looking into a new Heavy duty clutch.

One more thing when in neutral I can spin the clutch basket freely. However, there seems to be a clink when I spin it back and forth quikly. Basket is solid though. Is this normal or is that the bad bushing??? Thanks in advance guys..


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