Kick Starter To Loose???

yah did anyone have a problem with a there kickstart being loose and coming out to the side. its really pissing me off when i'm riding it's against my leg,and when i'm standing it comes straight out to the side and it's dangerouse.I landed a jump leaning back and it got me right in the back of the knee.

i tried tightnight the screw on the side but nothing i have no idea how to fix the damn thing can anyone help???

I fixed an XR250 that had this problem! The spring and ball inside the pivot are probably worn out! The spring is very little and the ball is a tad larger than a BB. It is hard to explain but the ball is pushed into a groove by the spring (inside the pivot joint) they are very easy to replace, but are very small and easy to lose! The spring is worn out and not pushing the ball into the joint hard enough, this is why the kickstarter is coming out on you. Someone correct me if I am wrong but the kickstarter mechanism is very simple (externally) and this is the only thing that could cause this IMO! Hope this helps,



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Ok thanks never knew this

Yeh, I had the same problem. At first mine was clogged up and very stiff. I took it apart to clean it and I didn't notice the ball bearing that fell out. When I put it back together it wouldn't stay in. I bought the spring and ball bearing for like $3.00 from a Yamaha dealer. It's back to normal.


I would venture to guess that the kickstarter is the most often neglected maintenance item. Mine included. When I noticed that the lever was getting hard to pivot, I took it off and cleaned it thoroughly and then lubed the ball and pivot area. I use penetrating oil regularly now. Good post.

this is an old thread but i had this issue tonight at the track. if your like me and dont like waiting a week for yamaha parts you can fix this with a few items out of your garage. i took an extra 3/8 adapter, cut the ball out of it, found a fresh spring (had to cut to size), cleaned all the old crud off with some scotchbrite, threw some new grease and o ring on it and it works like new. best part of all-no waiting on parts lol

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