RE-USING gaskets

Hey guys. I built a new motor from top to bottom. I have not run it yet, but decided to throw in a higher comp piston that I scored a deal on. Can I reuse the gaskets even though the motor was all put together and torqued to spec? Also I have the tiniest gouge in my cylinder that I noticed after it was honed. It is small enough that i barely even noticed it, but still there. Do you guys feel like I would be crazy to run a brand new motor with that? It didnt bother me at first, but now that I am nearing completion of this project, I am very leary of ruining the motor over that little nick.... Please feel free to make suggestions or tell me that I am an idiot!.

Thanks much

As a rule of thump NEVER re use a gasket. Even if they were torqued properly. Those multi layer tin gaskets deform from their orignial shape when you torque the head down. I've seen guys reuse them, re torque everything, and end up with coolant in the cylinder from a head leak. It's worth the 30 bucks to put new gaskets in, especially if you just rebuilt the bottom end. As for the gouge, can you feel it with your finger? If not take a scotch bright bad and follow the cyclinder cross hatching to scuff it back up. If you can feel it, send it off for a replate. No sence in getting cheap on the top end when you're doing a full rebuild.

its ok on 2 strokes because its low psi/low tech and easy to replace if there is a problem. but i wouldnt recommend it on 4 strokes head gaskets. base gasket maybe..

New gaskets are cheaper than a blown motor. I used to reuse gaskets all the time on my old bikes. Never had a problem. Than one time I pulled my top end part on a 03 yz 125. I reused the base gasket and everything seemed fine. Till it suddenly went lean and BOOM! I wont be reusing any compression bearing gaskets.

Head gaskets must be replaced, period. Any other gasket I would say ok depending on the condition.

As for the scratch on the cylinder, if it's above where the rings contact the cylinder or below that point, it's fine. If it's within the stroke, it's questionable depending on how long and how deep the scratch is. If you're looking for optimum performance, replace the cylinder or have it fixed. If it's just a beat around bike playing in the woods and shit like that, it's not going to be an issue.

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