Wet weight of a 2002 YZ426

Hi I am trying to compare the weight of my bike to the newer ones and the only weight specs are dry. I am considering a wr450 but it seems like a lot of extral weight. I do mostly trails but a little track. Live in CA so green sticker issues apply. Any advice greatly apreciated. I love my 426 but it is starting to get tired.

Wish I had a real world number for you, but I do not. I've ridden an '11 WR450 and you can definitely feel the extra weight, but I think the soft suspension contributes heavily to that feel. If you're a featherweight, it will do okay on the track. I'm about 250 and that thing bottoms at every g-out. You've got to ride it really smart on the track, otherwise it will punish you. Also, it feels down on power compared to an mx 450. I don't know if it really is, just feels that way. It had the AIS bypassed and grey wire mod.

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