01 yz426 cylinder question

I got the bike in a trade and it was locked up. torn it down and found the crank bearings siezed and the clyinder is all scarred up. i bought a used bottom end from a buddy, my question is can i just buy a used piston and cylinder off ebay and the bike run or even a used cylinder and a new piston? im looking to just sell the bike so i dont want to spend a bunch of money but i also dont want to screw anyone over. im a diesel mechanic and i dont know too much about these bikes. any suggestions would help

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Odds are you'll be just fine with a used cylinder. My CRF450 cylinder had 200hrs on it and I broke the glaze with scotchbrite and dish soap, the thing looked like new. Use your best judgement in finding something that looks like it's in nice shape. I wouldn't stick a used piston in there. Buy a used cylinder and a new piston and you should be able to sell it guilt free as far as those two parts are concerned.

Thanks for the reply. And that's what I'll go with a used cylinder and a new piston. Thanks again

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