More power 2012 YZ450f!

I see.

So what you are saying is that if I take a 2009 motor and put on a 2016 ECU I will have 2016 power.

Yeah, right.

A motor is just an air pump. Make it more efficient, scavange more per cc and per rpm and you get more power.

To allow that power to occur you tune the ECU to match the motors capability.

So basically you restated what I said with you can move power around with a tune. I'm aware of this, I was the one who told you. And your 2009 carbed Yamaha wouldn't run with the 16 Ecu, without some electrical and generator work. So that argument holds about as much water as a paper bag.

Please do show me though where I said moving an Ecu from one motor to the next would cause an old engine to be as well off as a new one.

Edited by dmm698

The two of you knock it hell off. 

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