2002 yz426

going to look at this bike tomorrow,looks nice on pics and it supposedly had new crank,piston,timing chain,and valves shimmed.Also has new levers,cables,brakes and tires.Its gona be a second bike unless I like it more than the kx250.I ride mostly trail,open trail and pits.Hopefully it will work for that,I know its heavier but I had a crf230 that was 7lbs heavier than this and didn't bother me.What do you think of these bikes,good or bad?

i bought a 02' 426 in 2001,its still my favorite bike :)

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I have an '01 and love it! I ride single track in the desert and never had an issue. (knock on wood)

well it was an 01 instead of an 02 and there is a scraping sound when you sit on the bike,im kinda thinking the shock could be dry or shot.Engine just had the piston,crank,timing chain done and I saw the reciepts.I ended up buying it,engine sounds great was expecting alot of rattles like the 450's but this sounds nice.Has a big gun exhaust and its loud.I saw a couple issues with the bike,besides the shock it has an oil leak at the bottom feed hose,just seems to weep a bit.I will get a pic up tomorrow,its a nice looking bike and the weight isn't that bad.I do find the front seems to want to push itself on turns. but havent had the real chance to try it yet.Also it seems to want to carry on running after the clutch is pulled in,like if you coasting in the driveway with the clutch in it seems to be somewhat engaged but when you stop its fine.I only rode it up a paved roadway and it was good but did'nt seem to pull as good as my kx250 but I couldn't really open her up as the police station was just down the road.Taking it to the sand pit tomorrow and will decide if I'm gona be a 2 stroke or 4 stroke guy but will be keeping both until next spring.

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