Headlight keeps blowing

Hey guys my headlight on my 03 WR450 keeps blowing the low beam side.

Lasts abot 3 rides and blows again. then only works on high beam.

Can anyone help out what could be causing this on what i should check.

Where is the earth for this ?

I had to replace my Voltage Reg on my 03 for the same issue.

oh ok and it fixed it?

Yep voltage regulator. My headlight and taillight used blow up, put in a new volt regulator and have not blown a bulb since.

Thanks guys what is the cheapest place to get one from?

anyone used the trail tech regulator? are they are direct fitment?

$150 posted off eBay for OEM plug and play,

$115 from rocky mountain (postage would be a killer though)

I imagine you could get a generic that would work aswell, after all a regulator is a regulator but you would need to ensure you found one with the same specs.

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