WR450 stand length

I have a set of supermoto wheels on my 08 WR450 and the side stand is far too long now. The original seems to be made of aluminum and it's not a simple shape so would be difficult to shorten I think.

Take it to a welder, have him cut the foot off, then take a few inches off, the weld foot back on.

If your suspension is still stock length on sumo wheels, then cut 1.5 inches from the length... Make the total length aprox 13.5" from center of the swivel bolt to middle of the foot. If you've shortened or lowered your suspension, then you'll have to take off a little more to accommodate the lowering.

Edited by rs25

Thanks guys. Suspension still standard but with the sumo wheels. Looks like I will find a welder to cut 1.5 inches off and weld it back together.

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