Hot-Rod heavy-duty crank and bearing kit

I was on Eric Gorrs web site and noticed that he advises using a "Hot-Rod heavy-duty crank and bearing kit" as it is capable of going 200 hours with out service, opposed to 75 hours with stock parts. Anyone know if this is actually right? It seems a little high to me.

I've got 200 hours on my stock WR450 crank right now, and it's never been torn apart.


sounds like sh1t to me, as I got approx 200 hrs on my stock crank as well, without ever having to go into the engine

I think it must really depend on type of use, it's not the same to ride in an MX track all the time at the rev. limiter or riding more trail like, in the woods or enduro...

I am from the enduro group and have 250hrs on my WR450F, I am replacing my top end right now with new cylinder and piston, and new valves just to be sure everything is ok (they were ok, only shimmed once). My crank is aparently ok measuring like the manual say and I'll keep it in place. Hope this isn't an error :)

my 200 hours is 200 H&H race hours

I have about 360 hrs on my stock top and bottom end with zero issues. If a bottom end only lasted 75 hrs I would have to rebuild mine almost every year which just seems ridiculous to me. You would spend more money doing "preventative maintenance" on a schedule like that than if you were to just run it till it blew then fixed it all every eight years or so.

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