Fork Spring spacers on top or bottom?

Bought new springs and going from .46 to .48 as recommended but they came with spacers to equal out the length to the stockers. If I put the spacer on top of the springs the stock washer/collar slides into the spacer but does not reach the actual springs. The washer/collar previously sat down into the springs to keep them centered in the tubes. So does the spacers go on the bottom of the springs? Also race tech suggests 110mm oil height and stock is 132mm that seems like a big difference. I was bottoming easily with the stock springs but they were definately too light. It's a 2011 any oil height suggestions? I race c class enduros and hare scrambles. I need to get it back together right before my race this weekend!

The manual should tell you if the spacers go on top or bottom. I remember back on my old '98 YZ400 that the spacers went on the bottom of the fork spring, but I don't know for sure on the 2011 model. It should be the same, as those are not the newer SSS forks, so there essentially the same as the old ones.

I don't think changing the oil height from 132mm to 110mm is too much. The stock forks need help, as you've figured out!!! Good luck!


I found a notation on race techs site that said bottom. I lowered my oil and put the springs in but won't have a chance to ride before my race this weekend.

Lowered your oil? Hopefully you meant raised the oil level up to 110mm from the fork top.


oil level height, measured the race tech way, involves pulling the slider up to the top of the stanchion, so that all the oil held between the slider and stanchion is focred into the main cavity

this results in a higher oil level,

I run 90mm oil level in my 08 forks, measured using the race tech method way (as well as gold valves)

The stock forks are crap - my stock springs measured .41kg/mm where they should have been .46 (as per the stock spring rate in the WSM), so no wonder they felt soft

Get the gold valve as well, coz the stock compression damping set up in the 07-11 fork is awful (its not a proper shim stack, its 4 washers held against the valve by a big spring, and the spring looses tension resulting in no comrpession damping)

The gold valve kit converts it into a proper shim stack type set up which is easliy tuneable for more or less low and high speed compression damping (they supply all the parts including extra shims) - well worth the money

Sounds like a gold valve will be my next mod, everyone seems to suggest them. Thanks for the replies. I did lower the level to 115mm, race techs setting is actually 110mm.

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