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just boughtthe bike and first time riding we went to the sand pit.It took about 30 mins to get the thing started and another 426 owner had to do it then.I knew the procedure but I think I have been hitting the throttle while kicking(2 stroke habit).My question is should I have to use the hotstart everytime I try to start it when its warm?Thats the only way it will start for me,the guy that got her going said he dosen't have to use his after its going unless he floods it or drops it.Is this an indication of rich pilot jetting?I was ready to put it back on the truck and put a forsale sign on it after it wouldn't go.

Accidentally twisting the throttle is an easy problem to solve, just put your right hand on the bar pad.

You should not have to use the hot start every time you start the bike warm. You should use it anytime the bike was on its side and anytime you accidentally twist the throttle when trying to start the bike (but that's not going to happen anymore, is it?).

It is a sign of a rich pilot circuit, but I'd start by using the fuel screw tuning technique to determine if your pilot circuit is too rich:

For what it's worth, I just bought an '01 YZ426 and am having a helluva time myself. Let's see if greyracer chimes in, he's got way more time with these bike than myself!

it definately wont start without the hotstart on,I'm gona mess with the fuel screw some today and maybe try a leaner pilot or drop the needle.

I realize we have different bikes, but it kind've sounds like the same problem I had with my 2008 yz450f with a too-rich pilot jet. (see After I switched to a 42 from a 45, my troubles disappeared, so it sounds like you're on the right track with the fuel screw test. For what it's worth, I always use the hotstart once my bike is warmed up.

It could also be valves that are too tight. Doesn't take too long to check and rule them out.

started it today from cold on first kick,just remebered to keep my hand off the throttle


why is it when i took out the clutch cause it was grabby that the clutch plates are almost dry.hardly any oil on the discs or plates.

got rid of the grabby clutch by filing down the groves in the basket,smooth as butter now and I can actually stop without it stalling.Dosent creep in gear either,when the grooves come back I will get a new basket.I pulled the screen out of the oil tank cuse I was worried it wasn't getting oil.Tank was full but didn't seem like much in the base when I took out the clutch and a dry clutch.Screen was fine and with the grooves gone so is the clutch.

Yep, that's pretty much the standard for the clutch. If you've thought of adding a small flywheel, consider killing two birds with one stone and buy the Hinson steel clutch basket. This bike feels like it stalls pretty easy, I was thinking addressing it somehow.

Do you know what size pilot you have? It's been so hot here, the coolant temp is reading 95F 'cold', which I think is contributing to why mine is a little stubborn with the choke on. Plus, the 45 pilot isn't doing me any favors. I just installed a 42 and it seems happier.

going to look tomorrow if I get a chance,was looking on yamis website and it list the 01 as 42 stock for the pilot.I have a whole host of jets from the kx250(hope they are the same)if not then I will just drop the needle a notch.Trying to cruise at about 1/4 throttle it has a sputter so I think I'm running rich on the pilot.Managed to get it going today hot without the hotstart,all I had to do was grab the throttle cables with my right hand keeping it off the twist throttle.Was really liking the bike today,open trailbed she shines on,I will be dropping the front sprocket to a 13 but have to order it,currently 14/50.

changed the pilot from a 42 to a 40 and its running much better.stalled on the trail ans it started first kick with no hotstart.also put a 13 on the front to make it more managable in the trails.first impressions with the bike was im gona sell it again,then it went to maybe ill get used to it,now im considering sellin both the 250 and this to buy a newer 450.It needs a new tire as of now and maybe it most of the problem but i find the front wants to go straight all the time,i have to fight it on turns.If i could fix that then the bike would be excellent for me.

with a sag adjustment and some clicker settings i got the bike handling nicely.i was amazed at the to order a bottom shock bushing and counter shaft seal kit.seems thats where my oil leak is cause somebody didnt put the collar back in and left the gap open.all in all im starting to like the bike, i can see a 450 in my future.

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