More problems 05 starter

Ive just reinstalled my carb after removing it to replace my hot start plunger and now that its back together my starter hast stopped working. It spins up, you can hear the solenoid clicking in but it seems to me as it the starter is not engaging the fly wheel to turn the engine over, ive had the cap of it and everything seems to be in working order. Any ideas :D

Also after breaking a sweat i gave up on kicking it over there wouldent be some sort of magic thing i am ment to do if i remove and refit the carb is there?

I thought i might be able to bump start it so i took it out the back of mine and now ive noticed the clutch seems to be dragging more that it was to the point that i am dragging the back wheel like ive got the rear brake on.

I have now took the tank back off and the seat to see if there was anything i missed and found nothing. When i had the carb off I replaced the spark plug and the air filter as well.

I decided to check the plug so i removed it and tested to see if I was getting a spark no joy so now ive got no spark as well as a broken starter. Ive checked everything I even joined the wires on the kill switch to make sure it was not that.

I cant believe the bike I breaking its self when i am not even there :)

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Ive just been back to the bike and pushed the starter button and kicked it over this seems to have worked on the starter its now turning over the engine but I still have no spark?

You must have messed something up on the plugcap/ wire. I would test the cap somehow and see if that is the problem.

no everything is all where it should be i took the casing off to find the stator bolts to have come off and the stator stuck inside the magneto. Also i found that all 6 bolts had completely snapped off the starter clutch. Not sure how all this happened but it was running until i washed and put it away :blink: ive got all the parts ordered so should be back on for the weekend :thumbsup:

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