Popping after water crossing

I know this topic has been done to death with the popping issue, but I seem to have narrowed it down a bit and would like anyones thoughts on what it could be.

Today, bike started fine and was running great. No popping on decel, no issues at all. Then I went through a fairly deep water crossing, got pretty wet. No water seemed to be in the airbox. After this the popping on decel was there.

After I got home and gave the bike a good wash I started it up and it was then popping even in neutral when reving the engine. Idle was fine, but as soon as I gave it a rev it popped and ran very rough in the higher revs.

So obviously this has something to do with water. The airbox definately seemed dry though.

Another thing, It does seem to run fairly hot, the coolant isn't boiling over or anything, just feels fairly hot on my legs whilst riding!

Any thoughts?

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Mine does that in very deep water too if you keep riding it goes away. Btw had water over my seat. Popped for about 5 mins after we started it

Try draining some fuel from the float bowl. A lot of times the carb will pick up a little bit of water and will pop/backfire while it is working the water through the system. If you let the bike sit for a minute or so (to let the water settle) then drain off some fuel from the bowl, it wil get much of the water out quicker.

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