No spark wr450 2005

Ive done all the checks in the Yamaha manual and the arrows just point to the CDI unit :)

*1 Check fuse. [/size]

OK [/size]

*2 Check battery [/size]

]OK [/size]

Spark gap test [/size]

No spark [/size]

Check entire ignition system for connection. (couplers, leads and ignition coil) [/size]

OK [/size]

Check “ENGINE STOP” button. [/size]

OK [/size]

]Check main switch. [/size]

OK [/size]

Check ignition coil. [/size]

]OK [/size]

]Check AC magneto. [/size]

OK [/size]

]Check neutral switch. [/size]

OK [/size]

Replace CDI unit.

Ive been looking at some other threds and they talk about the magnets behind the fly wheel being shattered but they get one spark i get nothing at all :D ive been at it for two days hoping it was something cheeper

Had anyone else had this issue on there 05? and what CDI's are interchangeable because there is one off E-bay on a 2003 but the part number on the TT shop is slightly different 5tj-85540-80-00(2005)


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Whenever you have a suspect CDI, the best thing you can do is to borrow another one from a mate and check it.

If a running bike's CDI works in your non-running bike then you have assured yourself you need to spend the $$$.

I have had an issue similar to what you describe in a Honda XL250S, everything pointed to the CDI but in the end it was actually the radiator overflow hose routed incorrectly and putting pressure on one of the CDI plugs and interupting the circuit. I only discovered it because I took the radiator overflow bottle out to check something else and happened to test for spark while it was off.

While i was clutching at straws i thought I would remove the starter to fix its non engaging fault. as soon as i removed the crank case i fund the stator had the two cables snapped off it along with two plastic pieces in there so I pulled that out only to find all my starter clutch bolts had sheered off :thumbsup:.

I cant seem to understand why this would have happened it ran ok till i had to bump it to get it home cos off cutting out then would never start.

But i will point out one thing the chain came off the first day i got the bike around 2 week ago the idiot before me had supermoto wheels there for it so i assume he never done a great jot of fitting the new chain to the off road wheels. At the time i think i was doing at least 65mph (my speedo does not work)

Would anyone think the shock of the chain breaking could have caused my starter internals to sheer? :blink:

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